About us

INFOTOURS.COM, the Mega database of travel pictures and HD videos for Travel Agencies and Travelers.

Until recently, Infotours.com, a Canadian company founded in 1997 specialized in the development of software and Internet solutions designed to simplify the work of travel agents, was selling a DVD of a Mega database of photos, HD videos of hotels and cruise ships. This DVD will no longer be sold, since it is now only accessible through the Internet.

A reorganization of the company was necessary. Mrs. Maria Trespalacios continues the project which is close to her heart, but puts aside the software as a fixed physical media to create a Mega website with frequent updates. Engineer by training, she is the one who, through love of travel, has taken thousands of photos and made HD videos of hotel rooms and cruise ships.  Beach sand samples with color and texture can also be viewed on the website.

Infotours.com is a small undertaking which does not have similar financial means to those from big corporations like Expedia, but Infotours.com is energetic and filled with creativity, with the hope of good customer satisfaction.



Previously, the software sold as a DVD, expired after one year (data were programmed to be erased). Travel agents had to buy a new version of the DVD every year, by paying $ 419. Now, the full access to the Infotours.com Mega database website costs less than $ 15 per month.

"You can subscribe monthly, every six months or on a annual basis with the opportunity to get free access for 30 days, not renewable.

Infotours.com will be accessible from anywhere, on laptops, Ipads, Iphones, which will enable the expansion of the customer to the entire planet. The addition of photos and HD videos of hotels and cruise ships, will be updated on the website on a regular basis. 


The Infotours.com Mega database includes a section called Info-Hotels. This section presents hundreds of HD videos and thousands of photos and descriptions of nearly 1,700 hotels located in approximately 300 locations, including 54 Sun destinations (mainly Cuba, Dominican Republic and Mexico), but also in Europe, the United States and other exotic destinations. In addition, there are photos and descriptions of about 140 cruise ships. Infotours also plans to introduce spaces devoted to advertising and on each page. "Some agencies and tourist offices have already contacted us to place an ad," says Mrs. Maria Trespalacios.

With the interactivity of the Internet, it will be easy to add regular images in the Mega database, subscribe to a free newsletter and use the section for announcements of group travel. "Unlike some websites in the United States that do not market Cuba, Infotours.com included all Cuban hotels, plus an interactive map of the island, to easily locate the selected hotel," says Maria Trespalacios .  "Each hotel offers between 20 and 70 photos", she continues. Travel agents can show the pictures to their customers and send them by email. This also allows the agent to become familiar with new hotels that has not been visited in familiarization trips or personal vacations.

Currently, nearly 88% of travel agents in Canada have already subscribed to Infotours.com. Our client base has now expanded across Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver, USA, France, Germany, U.K., Spain, Italy and Russia "conclude enthusiastically Mrs Maria Trespalacios and Mr. David Lemieux.

To join: www.infotours.com